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10mm Ammo and the Start of a Company

You’ve heard this scenario before: Someone wants to buy a product but can’t find it for sale anywhere, so he decides to create what’s needed through much toil, sweat, and tears. Then, he starts a company to share the product with others. The history of Doubletap Ammunition is a history similar to many American companies. Mike McNett had a dream to own his own business, and he saw a need for a product that wasn’t being produced: high-performance, 10mm ammo for a 10mm pistol. Like many other entrepreneurs, Mike ventured out to produce something he wanted for himself. He did this through learning about what makes ammunition perform at the highest levels, testing, and hard work. Once he had created what he was looking for, he decided to make it available to the public. In 2002, the dream of Doubletap Ammunition was made into a reality in Mike’s garage.

The First Loads of 10mm Ammo

The initial production of Doubletap Ammunition started with four loads of 10mm ammo, and sales immediately went through the roof. It had been years since a powerful load for a 10mm pistol had been offered, and a lot of people were excited about it. Now there are over a dozen loads in 10mm ammo offered by Doupletap Ammunition, making it the largest manufacture of 10mm cartridges on the planet.

The Performance is at the Highest Level

From the conception of Doubletap, the 10mm ammo loads have been a priority for perfection. Each of the loads has been thoroughly tested in a variety of settings. The Doubletap method that sets it apart from most other companies has always been to make sure each load performs exactly the way it’s purported to do. As mentioned, this involves a lot of testing, but it also means having each cartridge put together by hand. Most ammunition companies have large machines that automatically assemble their cartridges, but that isn’t the case with Doubletap. Doubletap cartridges are assembled manually, and the process involves several points of inspection.

The Benefits of Personal Manufacturing

The approach of having someone personally handle every cartridge at Doubletap is an approach that guarantees better performance. Most of the problems with ammunition performance stem from errors in the way a cartridge is assembled by an automatic machine. Having a cartridge inspected for error by human eyes and hands is something that can’t be replaced by a machine.

Experts and Reviews Have Been Positive

The performance of the 10mm ammo loads for a variety of 10mm pistols, and the many other loads by Doubletap, have amazed expert reviewers. There are reviews by experts scattered across the Internet, which includes reviewers who have put Doubletap’s claims about their products to the test. In addition to positive reviews, Doubletap Ammunition is known for customer service. Mike McNett built a product he wanted for a 10mm pistol, but he also created a company that offers the kind of customer service he would expect. In fact, listening to customer’s concerns and needs has been a staple of his company. Mike has even said he would consider adding loads to the lineup of products that customers have requested, as long as the loads are possible.

Anyone can find all of the products Doubletap offers at On the site you will be able to find descriptions of each of the products, and you will also be able to find professional reviews on different products being sold. In addition to finding the products you want online, many of Doubletap’s products are sold through retailers across America.


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