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Self-Defense Ammunition with Two Projectiles

One of the most important elements of any self-defense ammunition is its effectiveness. There are plenty of Americans who have a gun in their home for protection against an unexpected intrusion. Many of them assume that as long as they have a gun they will be safe. The truth is, some ammunition my not stop an intruder from harming a homeowner, especially if the particular homeowner isn’t an expert shooter. Ammunition performance can be an issue on how well someone can defend his or her life, and the type of self-defense ammunition you use may also be a factor. In an effort to help mitigate the problems that often occur with ammunition, Doubletap Ammunition launched the Equalizer load for a 10mm pistol and several other guns.

The Equalizer Offers Two Projectiles

In the above interview, Doubletap CEO, Mike McNett, explained the Equalizer load: “It is a functional, jacketed hollow-point in front of a hard-cast ball, that every time you pull the trigger you get two shots on target. That way, you get the advantage of the penetration with the ball, as well as a functioning, jacketed hollow-point to displace tissue, and either stop the bad guy or the animal that you’re hunting. We are now offering this in 10mm, .357 Magnum, .41 Magnum, .44 Magnum, .454 Casull, .500 S&W…”

These Rounds Perform with Accuracy

Some shooters may question whether or not two projectiles coming from the same cartridge can perform well. The Equalizer has been thoroughly tested, and the performance results demonstrate consistency and accuracy with each load. During testing, the Equalizer projectiles stayed right next to each other, touching from a 7 yard distance. From a distance of 25 yards, the Equalizer projectiles stay within two inches of each other. Beyond a distance of 25 yards, the Equalizer wouldn’t be a cartridge that should be used as self-defense ammunition.

How the Projectiles Hit Targets

When shooting with the two projectiles, knowing how to aim correctly requires you to understand the performance of each bullet. The hollow-point projectile stays on target with the point of aim, while the hard-cast ball comes out just above the hollow-point. Essentially, as the gun fires, the rising barrel causes the second projectile to come out slightly higher.

Better Chances of Defense

Self-defense ammunition with two different types of bullets offers shooters of all skill levels the most reliable results. With a hollow-point, there isn’t a worry that there will be too much penetration, and with the hard-cast ball, there is full penetration. This tandem of bullets will ensure that you are able to stop an armed intruder who intends to harm you or your family in one shot. With the Equalizer being dead on at short range, it is perfect for home defense.

The Doubletap lineup of Equalizer loads are like nothing else on the market. There are no other cartridges for handguns that have two projectiles loaded into them in which either one hits with terminal effect. The Equalizer has brought new meaning to the term double tap.

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